BJP the Bully

Why do we always find the religious Right in the position of a bully? It is because religion itself is a bully, the best around, because it convinces everyone that it's doing everything for the good of society and the individual. Religion requires bullying: their truth is better than everyone else's and their truth can't be got at through reason so it has to be imposed, either non-violently, through brainwashing or making its criticism taboo, or violently, by enforcing their unjust and prejudiced ideas with force.

When the political right gains power, the public right begin to come out of the closet and start to behave like the school bully for whom the principal has found a new found affection. All this time, forced to carry out his dirty tricks in hiding, he suddenly begins to act bolder and his tricks get dirtier. He begins to rely even less on reason and argument and instead depends on absolute values such as 'Your face is stupid and don't say anything or I'll beat you up' or 'Your mother is a whore and don't say anything or I'll burn your books'. He doesn't have to convince anyone of anything because nobody is going to speak up against him: or at least that's what he thinks because of his support from high on up. You ask yourself why there's a sudden increase in the number of incidents of bullying and goondagiri by Hindus? It's because they feel empowered now that somebody like them is in high office. 

The absurdity is that at the core of it, the BJP is right. India is better than Pakistan in almost every way, but one of these ways happens to be our freedom of speech. Taking it away from Indians is making India more like Pakistan. But strangely this is exactly as expected, because Pakistan and a BJP-led India are two sides of the same dirty coin: one side has since its birth been torn apart from inside by an Islamic constitution, incompatible with modernity, the other, made up of dreams of a Hindu nation, also incompatible with modernity. The irony: the BJP through its efforts, has made India more like Pakistan, which it hates the most. This is the same irony and comedy of all religions and religious parties: they're so similar, yet there’s nobody they hate more than each other. 


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