The Objectification of Women and Other Urban Legends

The charge that a movie objectifies women assumes three things neither of which are very good for feminism: First, that women are so weak that a mere portrayal on film of a woman with certain characteristics (or lack of character) has the power to hurt womankind in real life. Second, that human nature is so flimsy that somehow this portrayal will further sexism and misogyny among men. Third, that women are a monolithic mass that think and feel as a group and are not individuals capable of making up their own minds. If this wasn't the case the charge would be, 'This film objectifies a woman' which doesn't sound nearly as bad, because after all it's just a badly drawn character in a terrible film.  The accusation implicit in the plural version of that statement is that, somehow, a movie that shows a stupid woman with big tits who only wants to sleep around is actually hurting the cause of the independent and equal woman in reality. What does this say about what these people think of independent and equal women? This is not feminism. Or, not the kind of feminism that matters. 
Ironically it's the outrage and the righteousness over victim-less crimes such as this that hurts (these kinds of) feminists much more than the objects of their outrage because it shows them to be insecure and prudish. 

BJP the Bully

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