Promise is Power

You couldn't be faulted for thinking that the people who supported Modi before he came to power would be sitting in some dark, stinky corner licking their suppurating wounds, now that the great man has begun to show his true colours (which happens to be just one colour). But you would be mistaken. Such is the dogma that Modi (like God) inspires: people will continue to sing his praise and beat his drum, till he literally comes and shits on their faces (and in some cases even that wouldn't be enough to inspire a change of mind). 
It's amazing  how much a promise can drive people crazy, based just on the promise itself. There is no objective examination of how and if the promise can be fulfilled: the promise is such a good one that everything else is thrown out of skyscraper windows. And what is this promise? Development. That seductive word has driven a whole section of India's educated and secular population completely mad, people who really should know better, 
Not to say that I don't want development. I love development. After I travel to the States, the first week back feels like I've been dumped in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (and all I did was go out and buy some vegetables). But is a claim enough to make me drop all other objective positions? 
There is a lot to talk about when it comes to why secular, modern, educated youth supported Modi. First, some of them aren't really secular, and Modi is finally someone they can support without giving this away: after all Modi is all about development. But if you look closely you will see family backgrounds of saffron. 
Second, their support comes out of a hatred of the Congress and all their failures. This is a reactionary position, and needless to say, barely examined. One can certainly be against both the Congress and BJP. This is no reason to blow Modi's horn and once again shows what a well targeted promise can do to your political aspirations. 
And thirdly, a large portion of these newly-enlightened youth, don't really care about anything as long as they can go out on the weekends and get drunk, and so to preserve their convenient lifestyles they jump on any bandwagon that happens to pass, whether it's being pulled by Krishna's chariot or Zeus the swan (this time it just happens to be the former). 
The AAP too contributed just enough at just the right time: to the people of these categories, the threat of anarchy was strong enough to solidify their love for Modiji (and it must be kept in mind that if you're upper-class enough, even the wind is anarchy).

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