Report: Local Man Wants It Easy

Locality: A local man, reportedly fed-up with difficulties, stated empathically last night that he wanted it easy. 'Why must things be tough?' he asked, with tears in his eyes, speaking to reporters on the front steps of his house. 'All my life I have done nothing but pray to God for strength and an easy life. And yet everyday a new difficulty pops up.'
When asked for an example of a problem he had faced recently the man said, 'The fridge broke yesterday. All my food is rotten.' 'Why didn't you get it fixed?' asked a reporter. The man, visibly irritated replied, 'I have been trying, but nobody comes.' 
The man suddenly dropped to his knees and began to pray. 'Oh Lord, my fridge is a Samsung 320 litre 2016 model, please send Samsung servicing person to my house,' he pleaded with real emotion in his voice. He then stood back up and said, 'Last week my mother died of lead poisoning. The lead probably came from the pipes which I have been calling to be changed for 23 years. Still nobody came.'
'Prayer doesn't work that way,' said a reporter from the Local Times. 'Then how does it work?' asked the man.
'You have to do the work first, then pray that everything goes well,' the reporter replied. 
'What's the point?' asked the man shrewdly. 
The reporter shrugged. Another one said, 'God doesn't actually do things for you. You do them and he makes you feel like you owe him, or that he did them for you when they work out.'
'When they don't work out?' asked the man. 
'Then God is not involved,' said the reporter who was later discovered to have studied theology  in college. 
The local man, it was observed did not understand this sophisticated logic. Once again he dropped to his knees and began to pray, 'Oh God, please make me understand why I can't understand you.' Then standing up he declared, 'There that should do it,' and went back inside his house. 
It was revealed to this reporter the next day that the man, all the time praying that his life gets better, drove his car off a cliff, reportedly screaming as the car tumbled down towards the rocks, 'God, you redefine self-driving cars - Tesla's got nothing on you.' 
His body was found later by police divers at the bottom of the river with a note in his ear that read, 'Whoever finds this please pray to God that I'm not dead because if I am dead it means prayer doesn't work. If I'm alive, please put this note back in my ear and float me down the river. And don't tell me wife!'

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