A Pleasant, Politically Correct Piece of Writing

We may be living in a frightening world, but what is the point of being unpleasant and negative? Love. Love is the answer to all our problems. And this is not a vague thing to say. More love means less hate - it is a direct and simple equation. Every time you make a conscious decision to love, somewhere in the world, hate will decrease. By loving more, you are doing your part to make this world a better place. 
I love all of humanity, no matter what they do. I love the barbarians who throw people off roofs for being gay, I love the hooligans who kill people over what they eat. I love the naive idiots who block stem cell research because they believe that a soul is born the moment a sperm cell finds an egg. I love all these folk. Why? Because hate is an evil thing and will destroy the world. Thus, I am doing my part do make the world a better, more peaceful place. 
Expressing hate or negativity reverses the important progress made by good people all over the world who sit around and love everything. Armchair lovers I call them. They are the true heroes: they are the ones who never ever express anything negative or strident or hateful, thereby making sure that all the loving that is going on in the world is not put at risk by unnecessary hating. 
War is one of the evil side-effects of hate. War is hatred expressed on the battlefield. Why kill when you can simply sit at home and not think beyond your distaste for violence and love, love, love till the soldiers come home. It is by far the most effective and least unpleasant way to combat evil because nobody gets hurt and you are steadily contributing to increasing love levels till they equal or overpower hate levels. Entire wars could have been avoided if armchair lovers were incharge of world affairs. Hitler could have been loved to death by General Ike sitting cross-legged on a stool and loving everything more. The 101st Airborne could have joined him instead of going to Europe and engaging in violent and hateful activities that only killed people and did nothing to increase love levels. A crying shame. 
Religion can help you. All religions are at their core peaceful and preach only love and peace. Ignore the parts that don't preach love. You have every right to ignore the hateful and the unpleasant, but nobody has the right to ignore the parts that preach love. The ones who say religion can lead to evil and hate? These people are hateful and must be loved into silence. Throw flowers and fairy dust on their heads as they pass. 
All of humanity is a wonderful thing. There are no bad people, no bad ideas, no bad anything (except the Right). Just give everyone a nice job, a nice partner, nice music and watch the magic happen. 
This has been a wonderfully pleasant and uplifting piece to write and another example of how ordinary folk can make the world a vastly better place. Tomorrow I expect ISIS to suffer great losses. 

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