Man: 'Everyone else wrong. Me right'

A local man today said that everyone else was wrong. It was reported that he made this statement while standing on a road somewhere in the central business district. 'Everyone wrong. Me right,' were his exact words. Reporters who had gathered attempted to enquire further but were faced with an angry mob who agreed with the man. 'Everyone wrong. We right,' they said. Later, the man went home and told his wife that he was right. 'Me right. You wrong,' he is reported to have shouted. She agreed. Their children joined in and together they declared that they you are right and you are wrong. On Facebook, the man went through his entire news feed and with some irritation wrote as his status: 'Me right. You wrong.' All his Facebook friends agreed and changed their status to 'Me right. You wrong.' 
By 9 a.m. everyone in the world had changed their status to 'Me right. You wrong.' Philosophers pitched in and wondered how everyone could be right. Wouldn't there be conflict between the truths? For example, if one person regarded bananas to be the most politically capable fruit, and another thought apples to be the same, there must be a conflict. Somebody must be wrong. 
We attempted to contact the local man about this philosophical conundrum but our e-mails received no replies. But this morning the local man visited us at our offices on Castle Street and began to shout, 'Me right. You wrong.' Then he began to jump up and down shouting, 'Me right you wrong.' One brave correspondent said, 'Sir you could be wrong.' The local man began to cry. He was very offended and the police agreed with him. 'We right, you wrong,' they told our intrepid and courageous questioner and led him away in handcuffs. 
By the end of that day, everyone was right and everyone else was wrong. Now this article is right and you are wrong. 

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