The Adventures of Choochoo Mangy - Part 1

Choochoo Mangy lived in the suburbs of a major Indian city. One day he took a walk. The next day he took another walk. This was the first day he took a walk, the next was the second day he took a walk. Like this he took many walks. This is the story of one such walk. 
After the walk Choochoo Mangy retired to his room to read and have a cup of coffee. The wind outside was singing and expressing unusual political opinions such as support for the formation of a state for shrubs and other short and bushy plants. Choochoo Mangy was a political ignoramus and so he threw his cup of coffee at the mirror and cursed the winds. 
When Choochoo Mangy found out that he was pregnant he was perplexed and rented a tuxedo. He sold the tuxedo for 300 rupees and took a bus to the capital where he performed tricks next to the Police Commissioner's office. A lady took pity on him and ate his baby. 
Choochoo Mangy was awarded 'Salesman of the Year' for getting a random lady to eat his baby. 'She wasn't even a cannibal', he said to wild laughter at the presentation ceremony. The audience was mostly made up of Germans and beetles. The beetles disliked the Germans, but the Germans quite liked laughing. 
And so ends the story of Choochoo Mangy. Long live Prophet Mangy (but may his balls rot and sting and may he suffer from constant diarrhoea so he feels sad on an hourly basis). 
Next time we will join Choochoo Mangy as he visits a pond and talks to a pimp.  

The Adventures of Choochoo Mangy - Part II

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