Do Goats Float?

Is it possible that goats float? Some goats don't float. But some do. This crucial distinction between some and none is of interest to scientists. In early 12th century China, people believed that to convince local businessmen to invest in their villages, for infrastructure and such, the headman and his fourth cousin had to slice a lemon into an unspecified number of pieces and talk to each section about puberty. The results of this exercise would then decide the future of their village. Where do the goats come in? The goats were the judges for this procedure, who would decide which piece grasped the concept of puberty best and if any were sulking. The goats would then be thrown into a local waterbody and the ones that floated were painted pink and given notebooks. Thus, the origins of this crucial question are clear. 
In today's world, the question is of interest to us for other reasons. For example, in ISIS, certain innocent individuals trying to escape bombs and bullets attempted to skate across a lake on the backs of their goats, using the tail as a rudder and the ears as peace flags. Being unfamiliar with the literature of floating goats, they chose the healthiest of their flock, assuming, quite understandably, that these would transport them most efficiently. Of course, as anyone familiar with the topic knows, muscle health of a goat has nothing to do with their ability to float, and almost always the strongest one will sink like a business operating on religious principles. 
Similarly, in a scam recently unearthed in a remote part of rural India, farmers who were trying to make a buck or two from highway travellers by throwing their goats into roadside ponds and then sitting on the road till sympathetic drivers paid them for their inconvenience, ended up on the wrong side of the law when their goats bobbed up onto the surface of the water and began to float away, bleating pleasantly, much to the confused anger of the good people who had attempted to help. The farmers, of course, had no idea that some goats floated, and counted on drowning as an effective technique to murder their livestock. How wrong they were!

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