A Great Gandhi

What can one say about poor Rahul Gandhi? He has the demeanor of a disappointed carrot who has recently attempted to reason with an unmotivated sock. The sock is from another neighborhood and doesn't believe in the concept of gated communities. 
While world-raping corporations conspire with their-own-people-raping-governments, Rahul Gandhi begins his day by staring blankly at a wall. If his mother enquires, he says to his mother that the wall asked for it, and that we must always ask questions. He finishes this excellent exercise when the wall goes to stare at a fence (this one with Kapil Sibal perched on top). 
(What has happened to Sibal recently? Where has he gone? He looks like a sweet potato.) 
Back to Mr. Gandhi who, poor chap, has the intellectual depth of fresh paint. But at least fresh paint leaves an impression.
(Which brings us to the interesting question of growing grass in one's backyard. You are informed that the gardener will not tend to it as it is not part of the deal you signed. What deal? Read the fine print next time. Anyway, you go out and explain to the plants and animals that you will not be watering them anymore. They are pleased as they won't have to endure the torture of seeing your hairy legs in the morning, but you are upset and so the next day you slit your throat and water the rhododendrons with your blood.) 
Thus, it is clear that the Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi debate is an interesting one, if only because the group over there is talking about fitness. It is also mildly interesting because of the way life seems to wither every time someone mentions Modi. It is a fascinating exercise. I recommend it to anyone who likes fruits and vegetables. Next time you go to a rainforest (granted, this might take a week or two) stand by the largest tree you can find and shout 'Modi' a few times. Watch, as the wildlife scurries away and the vegetation withers. 
A reasonable political commentator would of course bring up the question of where the trees would go. Would they perhaps scurry into the neighouring Congress controlled State? These are questions one must ask the trees. 

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