Tools of Titans

I just finished Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. There are plenty of useful tips and some profound advice for people trying to work better or live better. What I realized though was how confused and inefficient my brain is because even though some of the advice, ideas, and tips were incredibly accurate and true, I can't seem to remember most of them! How crazy is that - we first struggle to find the right advice, the right techniques and then when we eventually do find them, a month later, we forget. What does this show? That our minds and bodies are not made to change. In fact, my mind and body will do everything to remain comfortable and unchanged. 
This seems like a strange thing for a system to be biased against improvement but I am guessing it has something to do with the evolutionary role of discomfort and pain - our bodies and minds will do anything possible to avoid these things. "Avoid pain and discomfort or you will die," seems to be the evolutionary pressure involved. 
Of course, some people are naturally better at dealing with discomfort and playing the long game and some are worse (me). That's where this book helps. 
The most common advice in the book by the 'titans' interviewed (when asked what they would tell their 30 year old selves) was: 'It'll be alright' and 'Don't be afraid.'

Some notes are upcoming. 

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