I am convinced that there is no joy purer than the joy I feel with my dogs. It is almost too much to put into words. No, it's not too much - that's not why it's hard to write about. It's because the kind of feelings they evoke are wordless. They're like that scene at the end of 'The Godfather' when Michael's door is closed on Kay - completely wordless yet complete and perfect and tells you everything about the relationship. (Sorry for this weird analogy). 
I sometimes find it hard to believe that in the 4 years of being with Stikki he has never said a word - it kind of undermines my role and use as a writer. If a creature can have such a perfect relationship with another creature without words, what is the use of words? 
Of course, human to human interactions is more complicated. But like a little child, I sometimes wish that they weren't and that the world was a much simpler place where people don't need to talk much. 
In my opinion, the highest compliment that can be given is 'dog.' Why is it an insult? Is it somehow insulting to be completely transparent and have just one agenda at any given time? Ok, maybe two agendas if there is a ball and a treat available. Is it an insult to be so incredibly happy when you see your loved ones that you can't contain yourself and end up banging into furniture and peeing a little when they come home? You get the point I hope. 
It might sound like nonsense to someone who doesn't have dogs and perhaps it is - there are people who frown upon the romanticizing of this kind of unintellectual, unacademic love. I would ask these people to quit their jobs at the university or the think-tank and adopt a puppy from a shelter. You will discover a world that you find words can never fully articulate or explain. 
Anyway, fuck you people! 
There is another way it helps to be around dogs and this is probably why they are so good for people with depression or anxiety (although this is just a guess and I would need an expert's view on it) and this is the way, with their wordless communication and absolute lack of judgment passing, they calm mental chatter. Burying your face in their stinky warm, fur is apart from meditation the best way to calm your impatient, unloving, self-hating, self-pitying psyche. 


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