The First

This is the day I finally scramble over the chasm that separates writers who keep a personal blog and writers who write useful stuff. These are the two types of writers in the world. There are other types too. I am none of the types because I'm barely a writer! (I like exclamation marks because they make me seem less miserable!)
Currently, I am reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. I'd give it a 10/10 for making you feel useless and inadequate but then, I would give this rating to anything worth rating. On the other hand, Chetan Bhagat's books imbibe me immediately with a deep sense of superiority and capability and his face also is stupid. 
I guess this is the kind of writing for which you have to forget all notions of quality and intelligence and just rant away till your wrists hurt. (On that note, have you noticed that people's wrists are different depending on where they come from?) 
So what's up with the world? Trump is at it again, refusing to apologize to a war-widow, because that would involve admitting to himself that he had made a mistake, which he seems entirely incapable of doing. 
Nothing from Narendra Modi off late. I wonder when his last press conference was held? It is astounding how completely unaccountable our elected representatives are. If you walk up to a politician today and tell him/her that actually, he/she works for you, they'll find it so absurd that they won't even get upset or offended. 
What else? I haven't been to the gym in over two months and I feel terrible about it. I'm losing the muscle weight that I worked so hard for. Isn't life strange? Why aren't we ever told this as kids? Why aren't we told that our entire adult lives are either about working hard to achieve something or worrying about not losing that thing we have worked so hard to achieve? Perhaps because it's not true - we had a great time in Goa and there was no hard work involved. 
Still, I can't help feeling sometimes that I should have had a tougher childhood. 

I Can't Write