From the Desk of the Worst Writer in the World

Dear Reader, 
My name is Roshan Ali and I'm struggling to be a writer. I've been working on  a novel for 7 years and I can't seem to finish it. Also, it's shit. 
The Sapota is my personal blog. Here I write about anything that takes my fancy. Occasionally I put up my past writing. 
If you're struggling to write I hope this blog helps you in two ways: First I hope it reminds you that other writers struggle too and second, it'll give you ample occasion to feel superior to this other writer who struggles to write.
Third (I hadn't planned the third point but I'm going to take the plunge anyway) it might teach you that if you're trying to be a writer and you can't seem to write, write about how you can't write, and voila you're writing!
I hope you enjoy this website and here's hoping you have all the luck in the world (you'll need it). 
Sincerely fucked, 
Roshan Ali

p.s. I forgot to mention - I've been published twice! But they were in the blog section of the Huffington Post India, so I won't be saying anything more about that.